Special Offers

Special Offers

Special Offer No 1

Fabulous Smart 3x3 Pop-Up display stand just €795 ex vat design & delivery with full colour laminated graphic panels, spotlights - upgrade the rollcase to handy podium for an additional €80 ex vat

Smart 3x3 offer 795

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 Special Offer No 2

Create an Easy 3m backup with 2 Focus Big Value pullups for just €300 ex vat, design & delivery


 Special Offer No 3
Going to an Expo with a shell scheme? We can provide easy to use Flexible panels which can be re-used again & again and come applied with Velcro

Flexible wall panels June 15

6 heavyweight re-usable panels for 2m x 2m space €750 ex vat, design & delivery

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Sepcial offers are subject to availability

All above prices are excluding VAT, design & delivery