• ISOframe Ripple v Wave

    ISOframe Ripple v Wave

    How do you decide which ISOframe will be best for you? The all new ISOframe Ripple is a new lightweight…

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  • ISOframe Ripple

    ISOframe Ripple

    The all new ISOframe Ripple is a new lightweight portable display with flexibility and fully interchangeable panels. Ripple EXPO 3…

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  • Circular Counters

    Circular Counters

    Easy to use Circular Counter with possibility of integrated iPad/Tablet top. A great addition to any display to meet &…

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  • Oval Counter 1

    Oval Counters

    Easy to use Oval Counter, great for displaying product professionally. Only 1 minute to assemble yet very strong. It comes…

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  • Point of Sale Wall Panels

    Point of Sale Wall Panels

    Whether you want to brand the biggest marquee at the Ploughing Championships or your trade show stand we have the…

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  • Poster Displays

    Poster Displays

    Looking for Pixquick, Snapframes, Lockable Snapframes, Security Snapframes,  Poster Case, Noticeboard, Window Display, Wooden Poster Frames, Name Badges, Poster Displays…

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  • Pavement Signs

    Pavement Signs

    Looking for Pavement Signs with swinger panel, Eco flex Sign, A-Master, A-Board, Sightmaster, Extra Large Sentinel Poster Sign, Chalkboard, Focus…

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  • Information Displays

    Information Displays

    Looking for Information Displays, Pole & base with Accessories, Menu cases, Slimlock Menu Case, Illuminated Menu Case, Flexible Menu Board,…

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  • Freestanding Displays

    Freestanding Displays

    Looking for Freestanding Displays, Digipressto, MyPressto, Spider Feet, Panel Pod or Easy Swap/Poster Trap . Download the above pdf for…

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  • Chalkboards


    Looking for Chalkboards, Premier Chalk A-Board, Ecoflex HPL Chalk Board, Grip Chalkers, Counter Top Chalkboards, Wall Boards, Long Boards, Easel,…

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  • Brochure & Info Displays

    Brochure & Info Displays

    Looking for Counter stand brochure holders, Wall mounted brochure holder, Menu holder, Pirouette, Pylon brochure holder, Counter top brochure holder,…

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  • Wall Panels

    Wall Panels

    Whether you want to brand the biggest marquee at the Ploughing Championships or your trade show stand we have the…

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  • Spiritflex


    We now have the ideal solution for creating : Indoor Wall Murals Outdoor Signage Projects Corporate Branding Building Wraps Professional…

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  • Floor, Window & Wall graphics

    Floor, Window & Wall graphics

    Looking for Graphics to go on the floor, Graphics for windows, Custom Wallpapers, Graphics for Walls inside. Contact us on…

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  • Light Boxes

    Light Boxes

    We do a range of light boxes for indoor. Download the pdf for information on the D light Curved Lightbox,…

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  • Mounting & Framing

    Mounting & Framing

    Looking for Mounting & Framing solutions. Download the pdf for ideas like the Pixfix, Backframe, E-Xhibit framing solutions. The brochure…

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  • Bespoke Conference Backdrops

    Bespoke Conference Backdrops

    Let us take the hassle out of looking good at conferences with customised conference backdrop services. We design, produce, install…

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  • Reception Counters

    Reception Counters

    Reception display counter. It has a wooden effect top and white plastic shelves  and comes with a wheeled carry case.…

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  • ISOframe Wave

    ISOframe Wave

    The World's first fully flexible Display System! Flex the entire display to create the shape you need! Simple Tool-less assembly…

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  • Flexiwall


    Create an impressive 4.25m display in under 10 minutes. Highly portable and supplied in 4 carrycases it has a good…

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  • Value 3×3

    Value 3×3

    Our Value 3x3 popup offer for €895 ex VAT, Design & Delivery including lights  & solid rollcase. When you need a…

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  • ISOframe Exhibit

    ISOframe Exhibit

    Stand out and impress at tradeshows & expos. Whatever you can imagine, we can create! Bespoke and yet re-configurable ~ there…

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  • Wall Panels

    Wall Panels

    Whether you want to brand the biggest marquee at the Ploughing Championships or your trade show stand we have the…

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  • Mini PullUp

    Mini PullUp

    This stand is the ideal solution if you need to display on a counter, table, reception or a retail environment.…

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  • Extra Value PullUp

    Extra Value PullUp

    Easy to use basic pullup display stand including a graphic panel , stand & carrycase. The stand comes with foldout…

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  • Impact PullUp

    Impact PullUp

    Want a more substantial stand. The Focus Impact includes an extra height graphic panel , base with metal endcaps &…

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  • Flair PullUp

    Flair PullUp

    Need a more sleek look for your pullup stand. The Focus Flair includes a graphic panel , stand & carrycase.…

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  • Versatile PullUp

    Versatile PullUp

    Multi purpose display stand, which includes panel, stand and carrycase. Height of stand  adjustable up to 3 metres. The stand…

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  • Big PullUp

    Big PullUp

    Create more impact with this extra wide pullup display stand. The stand includes a graphic panel , stand & carrycase.…

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  • EXPOflex samples


    Modular Display with linkable panels for seamless backdrops in 3 heights up to 2.7m high. Easy to use and fully…

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  • Tasting Counters

    Tasting Counters

    We offer a range of Demo / Tasting counters. We work closely with the client to create a counter ideal…

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  • Free-standing Outdoor Flags

    Free-standing Outdoor Flags

    Wide range of free-standing outdoor flags Lightweight & portable, come complete with pole & base Ideal for all promotions Contact…

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  • Outdoor Projects

    Outdoor Projects

    Whether you want to brand the biggest marquee at the Ploughing Championships or need the brand your building or street…

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  • Outdoor Banner Frame

    Outdoor Banner Frame

      Large aluminium banner A frame with pvc banners suitable for outdoor use. The perfect solution for effective outdoor marketing…

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  • Outdoor Floor, Window & Wall Graphics

    Outdoor Floor, Window & Wall Graphi

    Looking for Graphics to go on the street or road, Graphics for windows, Graphics for building walls.  Contact us on…

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  • Outdoor Projecting Signs

    Outdoor Projecting Signs

    Looking for Outdoor Projecting Signs, Round projector, Oval projector, Rectangular projector, Steel Projecting Signs, Deluxe Scroll Brackets, Reverse Scroll Brackets,…

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