Pull Ups

Pull Up display systems for conferences, trade shows etc from Focus Visual Communications

  • Mini PullUp

    Mini PullUp

    This stand is the ideal solution if you need to display on a counter, table, reception or a retail environment.…

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  • Extra Value PullUp

    Extra Value PullUp

    Easy to use basic pullup display stand including a graphic panel , stand & carrycase. The stand comes with foldout…

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  • Impact PullUp

    Impact PullUp

    Want a more substantial stand. The Focus Impact includes an extra height graphic panel , base with metal endcaps &…

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  • Flair PullUp

    Flair PullUp

    Need a more sleek look for your pullup stand. The Focus Flair includes a graphic panel , stand & carrycase.…

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  • Versatile PullUp

    Versatile PullUp

    Multi purpose display stand, which includes panel, stand and carrycase. Height of stand ¬†adjustable up to 3 metres. The stand…

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  • Big PullUp

    Big PullUp

    Create more impact with this extra wide pullup display stand. The stand includes a graphic panel , stand & carrycase.…

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