ISOframe Wave 5 Panel

ISOframe Wave is the world’s first fully flexible display system. Flex the entire display to create the shape you need.

ISOframe Wave 6 Panel

Easy to use Classic Counter that’s lightweight and portable

Easy to use portable Curve Classic Counter

Product Description

Easy to use Curve Classic Counter with internal shelf. Takes just 2 minutes to assemble yet extremely strong.
Choose Black leatherette or White top.

Heavy weight laminated interchangeable graphic panels means you can easily rebrand for new promotions
Comes with carry-bag for easy storage & transportation and weighs only 11kgs

Product size h 91cm x 80.5cm wide; Counter Graphic size h 90cm x w 160cm

Counters available

EasyLite Counter

EasyLite Counter

Easy to use portable Reception counter with internal shelf.

Oval Counter

Easy to use Oval Counter that's lightweight and portable.

Curve Classic Counter

Easy to use portable Curve Classic Counter.

Curve Demo Counter

Easy to use Curve Demo Counter.

Circular Counter with tablet top

Easy to use portable Circular Counter with integrated tablet top.

Circular Counter

Easy to use portable Circular Counter.

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