ISOframe Wave 5 Panel

ISOframe Wave is the world’s first fully flexible display system. Flex the entire display to create the shape you need.

ISOframe Wave 6 Panel

Customised & bespoke Counters

Customised & bespoke Counters

Product Description

If you need something specific we can probably create or customise a counter to suit your exact needs. Oval Counters can have internal storage, Circular Counters can be easily transformed into a competition box and nearly all of our range of counters can have the addition of a circular shelf attached to the poles
As you can see from the HRI counter we can even add structure and create an integrated post box post box ideal for use in their children’s play areas

We can even add a false top to include loose product display in acetate jars as produced for various companies within the Arvum group

If you need something specific please call us on 051 832742

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