ISOframe Wave 5 Panel

ISOframe Wave is the world’s first fully flexible display system. Flex the entire display to create the shape you need.

ISOframe Wave 6 Panel

ISOframe Light Box

The ISOframe® Light Boxes are infinitely adaptable, increasing visibility and visitor attention in no time.

Product Description

This product is a part of the ISOframe® family, which makes it a perfect complement to other ISOframe® displays. Whether the display is featured in a store, as a trade show display or anywhere in between, light boxes are infinitely adaptable and they’re sure to get you noticed.

The robust feet allow for large size freestanding light box applications. The silicon-edged fabrics create simple attachment of graphics and our patented FAST clamps mean quick and tool-free assembly. ISOframe® Light Boxes are available in a large selection of standard sizes, as well as customized sizes to order.

We are proud and stand behind this backlit display with the best warranty in the industry, 10 years, and no questions asked.

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