ISOframe Wave 5 Panel

ISOframe Wave is the world’s first fully flexible display system. Flex the entire display to create the shape you need.

ISOframe Wave 6 Panel

ISOframe Wave Expo & Tradeshow RENTAL packages

Branded backdrops for Conferences & Awards and Bespoke Expo Rental packages including installation, removal & storage

ISOframe Wave Expo & Tradeshow Rental packages

Product Description

Our bespoke Expo packages include installation, removal & even storage of your panels so they can be re-used next time.

Allow us to create the display you’ve always wanted including multi height flexible Wave with integrated Monitors, free-standing Counters & Product Display Towers – and all for half the cost but with all the impact!

Products available for rental with ISOframe package

EasyLite Counter

EasyLite Counter

Easy to use portable Reception counter with internal shelf.

Exposure Display Tower

Easy to use Product Display Tower that's easy to use and portable.

Circular Counter

Easy to use portable Circular Counter.

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