Case Studies

ILLE Bespoke Expo stand

ISOframe Exhibit 3

The brief: Our client was very specific about needing 8m of product display area for the admittedly heavy units they offer. They also needed 2 different set-ups with different layouts both within a 6m x 6m space at expos in Britain and Ireland. The stand needed to be dismantled at 1 show then transported to London for the next within 2 days and they needed to be able to put it back up themselves!

The process: We used the expertise of ISOframe and the 3d programme to work through many set-ups finally arriving at the one which best suited the clients complex needs.

The reality: We created the 6m x 6m Exhibition stand with 8m of integrated & fully supported product display area, Central 4m high section with lockable door to hidden coffee room and 2 Freestanding 3m high Towers. Installation time 3 hours.

It was used at FM at the RDS Dublin, & at IFEX at the King’s Hall Belfast with a single back wall layout and at London’s Hotelympia at the Excel arena was re-configured to work at an angle using 2 side walls. A minimal amount of additional framework & 6 extra graphic panels was all that was needed to enable this very successful reconfiguration due to our care during the planning & design process.

Result: A very busy and impressive tradeshow presence with over 100 good leads in 1 day alone and a very happy client.



Willows Ingredients Expo stand

Willows Vitafoods stand

The brief: Our client had booked 3 European trade-shows over a 15 month period for which they were taking a 6m x 4m space. They required a private meeting area as their client visitors wouldn't want to be identified by competitors.

The process: We showed them through several 3m mock-ups how this could be achieved most efficiently and cost-effectively. The 3d proofs were also used to aid in the design of the graphics enabling them to see exactly how their display would appear from every angle. Furthermore we demonstrated that they no longer needed to pay for a shell scheme for their expos.

The reality: We created a user friendly yet impressive display with private meeting area. They are able to erect & dismantle their display easily and have since got several sets of graphic panels for different branding.

Result: A very happy client who within the first 3 shows saved back the entire cost of their investment as they no longer needed to pay for a shell scheme. Win win!!!