Exhibition Systems

The Focus range of Exhibition Systems.

  • ISOframe Ripple v Wave

    ISOframe Ripple v Wave

    How do you decide which ISOframe will be best for you? The all new ISOframe Ripple is a new lightweight…

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  • ISOframe Ripple

    ISOframe Ripple

    The all new ISOframe Ripple is a new lightweight portable display with flexibility and fully interchangeable panels. Ripple EXPO 3…

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  • ISOframe Wave

    ISOframe Wave

    The World's first fully flexible Display System! Flex the entire display to create the shape you need! Simple Tool-less assembly…

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  • Showflex


    Introducing the brand new ShowFlex Umbrella display with 60 sq ft in 30 sconds & under 5kgs!!! Unique folding frame design…

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  • Smart 3×3

    Smart 3×3

    Our Smart 3x3 popup cost just €795 ex VAT, design & delivery including lights & solid rollcase. Weighing only 30kgs when you need…

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  • ISOframe Exhibit

    ISOframe Exhibit

    Stand out and impress at tradeshows & expos. Whatever you can imagine, we can create! Bespoke and yet re-configurable ~ there…

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  • Wall Panels

    Wall Panels

    Whether you want to brand the biggest marquee at the Ploughing Championships or your trade show stand we have the…

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  • EXPOflex samples


    Modular re-configurable display with linkable panels for seamless backdrops in 3 heights up to 2.7m high. Ideal for semi-permanent use…

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