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How do you decide which ISOframe will be best for you?

The all new ISOframe Ripple is a new lightweight portable display with a good degree of flexibility.
The ISOframe Wave offers total flexibility with quick tool-less assembly and can be customized with integrated monitors, shelving & slatwalls, etc.
With ISOframe Wave the possibilities are endless!!!


ISOframe Ripple         

Offers a degree of Flexibility with a
Lightweight system 10 minutes
installation for 4m display

A lightweight monitor can be added

Carrybag and Rollcase can be
upgraded to handy podium

Ideal for small to medium displays

ISOframe Wave

Offers Total Flexibility with Easy & Quick
tool-less Assembly
only 5 minutes installation for 4.8m display

Can be Customized with integrated
monitors, counters, shelving & slatwalls,
even lockable doors

Ideal for frequent large to medium Expos
with Endless Possibilities!!!


It’s good to know :

ISOframe systems have a Lifetime system guarantee

We can arrange Worldwide Shipping with FedEx

All ISOframe panels are 80cm wide so they are interchangeable

Focus exhibition graphic panels are super photo quality produced on heavy duty lightblock polyster with Crystal over-laminate for added durablity

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