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The World's first fully flexible Display System!

Flex the entire display to create the shape you need! Simple Tool-less assembly means set-up is both fast and easy One person can create a 4.8m display in just 7 minutes with simple tool-less assembly. And it fits in the boot of a car! Using superb photo quality self aligning graphics to create seamless displays this unique system gives you complete flexibility.

1 stand ~ 1 person ~ endless possibilities

The standard system we sell is the 6 panel 4.8m system but with endless possibilities please call us to discuss your specifics so together we can up with your perfect display!

Using the unique and totally flexible ISOframe Wave+ link your stand can be shaped to fit whatever floorspace is available and can even be used in separate sections as appropriate. Available with accessories such as TV mounts, integrated counters & shelving and even doors!

Want the hassle-free option? We also offer all inclusive rental packages including installation and removal after your event.

Use our expertise – we will be happy to discuss your specific needs going forwards and make suggestions for how to make it work best for you. We can offer the complete solution including design or would be happy to receive ready to print artwork from your own design team.

Let us help you to visualise the possibilities using our fantastic 3d system.

Download the introductory pdf brochure above or contact us on 051 832742 for more information.  We would be delighted to arrange a demonstration where suits you as we find when we have a 4.8m display up within 10 minutes of walking in it tends to convince!!

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